Frequently Asked Questions

Can Fast Space assist if I don’t find a warehouse option that suits my current requirement?

Yes, just contact us via the contact form with details of your requirement or call us directly for personal assistance.

How does FastSpace work?

We have an ever growing network of warehouses across South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa and assist on connecting entities requiring warehousing with operators able to accommodate your requirements.

Fast Space will secure the warehousing you require and attend to all the contractual aspects, receipt of stock and dispatch and manage the inventory.

What are the minimum requirements?

We do have a minimum transaction amount of R10 000.00 (some of our warehouse operators are not able to accept small consignments).

What are the minimum storage periods?

Storage is provided on a weekly basis with the minimum initial period being one month and weekly there after.

What if I want to exit the stock from the warehouse within the first month?

This can be arranged but payment for the full initial period would still apply.

How do the handling fees work?

The fee is calculated on a per pallet basis and covers the receiving and dispatching the consignment. 

Other costs such as fine picking, palletication or cargo devanning are charged in addition only if applicable.

Are my goods safe in a FastSpace Partner warehouse?

We screen the warehouses to see that our quality standards are met and also check on the performance of the operators.

How do we handle liability for stored goods?

Each warehouse operator secures their own insurance in respect of loss or damage resulting from their negligence. You just need to ensure that your goods are insured on your side.

In the event of a claim, how is this handled?

In the event of damage you will contact us at Fast Space. Our operations team will investigate and report back.

Who tracks the inventory and discrepancies that might arise?

Industrial pallets are given unique identification numbers (IDs) prior to the pallets being stored. Our team will ensure that this process is managed for you.

How accurate is the FastSpace pricing?

Pricing is subject change based on supply and demand as well as other factors. However pricing will be agreed upfront and based on your requirement.

What if I need access to my pallets?

By arrangement this can be scheduled.

Does FastSpace provide a transportation service?

This is usually for you to arrange but do contact us for assistance or recommendations should this be required.

Does FastSpace have a warehouse management system?

We do and you are able to access this through our IT platform.

How does the process work?

You simply confirm your requirement and location and Fast Space will generate a short contract for signature which confirms all the charges and other applicable terms and conditions.

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